Fall 2017 Audition Music

Fall 2017 Wind Ensemble/Symphonic Band/Concert Band Audition Music

Step 1 – Download the Audition Instructions:

REVISED Fall 2017 Audition Schedule

Step 2 – Download the excerpts for your instrument (Wind Ensemble/Symphonic Band OR Concert Band)

WE/SB Excerpts                           Concert Band Excerpts 

Oboe WE:SB                                 Oboe CB

Bassoon WE:SB                           Bassoon CB

Flute WE:SB                                 Flute CB

Clarinet WE:SB                             Clarinet CB

Sax SB:WE                                    Sax CB

Trumpet WE:SB                           Trumpet CB

Horn WE:SB                                 Horn CB

Trombone WE:SB                       Trombone CB

Bass Trombone WE:SB              Bass Trombone CB

Euph WE:SB                                 Euph CB

Tuba WE:SB                                 Tuba CB

Percussion WE:SB                      Percussion CB

Step 3 – Sign up for an audition time at the bulletin board just outside the band room of the Haslam Music Center (Room 135)